Business Creation/Product Planning & Development

AIRQUIN, WONDERCOASTER and many other IP rights businesses

  • Business-building and promotion utilizing intellectual property rights
  • Business-building and promotion utilizing brand marketing technology
  • Planning, development and building of new businesses

Consultation/ Business Development

International Business Development Advisor Certified by Tokyo Chamber of Commerce
  • Planning and supporting managerial strategies, business strategies, brand marketing strategies and sales strategies
  • Consultation and business development based on business/brand marketing strategies
  • Assistance and support in global business development (business launch, product management, etc.)


Value Enhancement Advisor

  • Creative production aiming to enhance the value of the corporation, business, products and others by artistic work, images, designs, etc.
  • Creation of photos aimed at better communication using concept-oriented images
  • Creation of AR products intended for communication through companies and businesses using AR (Augmented Reality) technology
  • Development of products intended for communication by means of ideas and craftsmanship